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Corporations and manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe products for consumers. When a company fails to provide warning labels or bad engineering results in dangerous products, it is the consumer who suffers. When a car, car seat, swing set, ladder or another product is poorly designed, devastating accidents and injuries can occur. Defective products are the cause of many injuries every year in Louisiana and throughout the United States. At Borojevic Law Firm, LLC, we fight to hold negligent companies responsible for injuries caused by malfunctioning products due to bad designs, manufacturing errors and failure to warn.

Our law firm operates on a contingency basis in all personal injury cases. This means there are no attorney fees unless we make a recovery or settlement on your behalf. We also offer a free initial consultation. If we obtain a settlement or win your case, that translates directly to less money out of your winnings in attorney fees and more money into your own pocket.

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