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If you were involved in an incident that was caused by another person's act of negligence or recklessness, you should not have to pay for damages caused by the actions of the other person! Our track record with personal injury accidents is built on professional and thorough investigations, and we have the resources to follow through all the way to trial if necessary.

The actions you take following a personal injury are essential to the overall outcome of your case. The injuries you sustain after an accident can be serious even if you do not feel any symptoms right away. For example, the adrenaline you feel after an accident can fool you into thinking that you are alright but it is not unusual for brain trauma, spinal, and neck injuries to show up down the line. In order to protect your rights you should contact an attorney before you contact the insurance companies. The insurance companies are not in business of providing just compensation to you but rather to settle their liabilities for as low an amount as possible. They have attorneys working for them so why should you not engage one as well? Contact our firm today!


- 18-wheeler Accidents
- Catastrophic Injuries
- Car Accidents
- Pedestrian Accidents

- Motorcycle Accidents
- Bicycle Accidents
- Slip and Falls
- Product Liability
- Oil Field and Off Shore Accidents
- Construction Accidents
- Wrongful Death
- Workers' Compensation

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