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A car or truck accident, while serious in nature, provides some level of protection. The body of the VEHICLE takes the initial impact. A motorcycle accident does not. Objects that collide at high speeds create massive force. That force gets spread out throughout your body. When someone is hit riding a motorcycle the results are often much more severe. 

Riding a motorcycle is about as American as you can get. But who protects the rights of riders after an accident? With the freedom one experiences riding a motorcycle, unfortunately the reality is not IF you will go down, it is WHEN you will go down. Insurance companies know this. Their army of attorneys know this too. They try and wiggle out of paying your injury claim.

With years of experience, Borojevic Law Firm, LLC is familiar with many of the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Louisiana. These causes include:


  • Aggressive drivers - Driving too close and failing to share the road with motorcyclists are just some examples of aggressive driving that result in accidents.

  • Drunk drivers - Drinking and driving remains a leading cause of accidents in Louisiana, including motorcycle accidents.


  • Inattentive drivers - Whether it's texting while driving or failing to look in the side mirror when changing lanes, many drivers often crash into motorcyclists.

  • Reckless drivers - Drivers have a responsibility to share the road and respect motorcyclists' space. Otherwise, the risk of accidents skyrockets.

  • Speeding drivers - When drivers go too fast, they don't allow themselves enough time to slow their vehicles and avoid an accident with a motorcyclist.

It is our role to seek full compensation for our clients.  For those who have severe and ongoing incapacitation, we will want to show a jury the complete picture of how our client’s life has been altered – physically and emotionally, work-related and family related – so that they can receive the full compensation that they deserve. Call us today and let us fight for your family.

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